We do qualitative and quantitative research to support communications and behaviour change campaigns.


  • Online
  • Phone (in person and automated)
  • Of the public or of your members

Surveys are a very reliable way of finding out what people think.

Focus groups

This is where we recruit a random selection of about 8 or 10 members of the public or of your organisation and ask them what they think and get them to interact with ideas.
This sort of research is great for finding out why people think what they do and how we might win them over to a different view.

Other Research

And other types of research like desk research and in depth interviews with key stakeholders.


We develop communications strategy to help you run campaigns and win hearts and minds.

Communications Training

Communications that work have some common themes:

  1. Everyday language – no jargon and write it like you’re speaking to a friend
  2. Relevance – make sure your point connects with their lives
  3. Advocacy – be clear about whose side you’re on (or against)
  4. Values – your values are your message, the facts are just the support act
  5. Framing – good framing means getting people to look at issues through your values prism

We use these principles to run training sessions and give support to help you communicate.