What do we believe in?

We believe in a progressive Australia based on the ideals of empathy and responsibility.

Human beings always do better when they care about each other.

We believe everyone should have a healthy environment to live in.

The environment isn’t an abstract idea. It’s the air we breathe, it’s the food we eat and it’s the water we drink. It’s the healthy future we all want our children to inherit.

We believe in a fair days pay for a fair days work.

Fair pay means parents having enough time to nurture their children – instead of always being stuck at work. Secure jobs mean young people can plan for their future and older people can have a dignified retirement.

It’s worth remembering that there wouldn’t be any organisations – public or private – without the employees who actually do the work.

We believe everyone has a right to high quality public services.

From your child’s first day of school you want them to get the nurturing care and inspiration they need to grow and thrive.

When you or someone you love is unwell Medicare and quality public hospitals matter more than anything.

At times like these we remember how important our public services really are.

We believe that taxation provides the foundation for our society and that big corporations should contribute fairly to the society that gives them so much.

Just for a start taxation gives us health, education, water, transport, security, the rule of law and lots, lots more.

Indeed without tax there is no Australia at all – so we’re all for tax!